Potato becomes popular as alternative cheese ingredient


16 March 2021
Potato becomes popular as alternative cheese ingredient

POTATO is increasingly being used as a main ingredient in the alternative cheese market.

With approximately 65% of the global population estimated to be lactose intolerant, the plant-based cheese market is expected to be valued at $4.42 billion by 2027, and while many products are commonly made from cashews, almonds, coconut, and soy, another ingredient now showing up in alternative cheese is potatoes.

US company Loca Food uses potatoes to recreate a plant-based version of classic queso cheese sauce having piloted it two years ago in San Francisco with plans to launch in restaurants, retailers, and ballparks in 2020. These plans were brought to a halt when the pandemic began.

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The unassuming potato might seem like an unlikely ingredient to be found in a plant-based cheese alternative. However, the starchiness of potatoes provides the thickness of traditional queso, and its neutral flavor allows for the desired cheesy flavor to shine through from other ingredients.

Loca isn’t the only company using potatoes in its plant-based cheese. GOOD PLANeT makes mozzarella cheese shreds and slices from coconut oil and potato starch, and HeartBest uses potato and tapioca starch for its alternative shredded cheese and cream products.

Source and photo: The Spoon

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