Positive growth in Canada


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28 June 2021
Positive growth in Canada

GROWERS in Canada are feeling positive about growing conditions this year.


The country's crops are currently at varying stages, from emergence to touching between rows but all growers are optimistic that there will be good growing conditions needed to move the crop in its early life stages.


A lot of the Prince Edward Island crop is at emergence stage, with nice even stands being reported. Growing conditions are described as excellent and the crop looks better than the same time last year. In-province surveys indicate there could be a slight increase in planted acreage.


Those in the industry have welcomed the provincial government's decision to remove the restriction on deep water wells for agricultural use which, although it won't be relaxed in time for this year’s crop, will have benefit growers in 2022. Old crop is in short supply m,aking it difficult to control movement with such a small inventory.

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In New Brunswick, the crop went in early with some growers reporting their finishing date in 2021, to be ahead of their starting date last year. Emergence has been good and although conditions have been dry, they are not yet affecting the growth of the crop, as canopies begin to fill in exposed soil area. Planted acreage will be up, with the Formed Product Line in the McCain expansion requiring a minimum of 3,000- 4,000 additional acres.

Entities in neighbouring states have also looked to increase their volume requirements. Some chip growers have shifted volume towards fryer contracts. Old crop is in very limited quantity in few hands. Fresh quality depends on the lot as it nears the end of storage season. Fresh prices have been steady with strong upward movement on 8oz and up, driven by increased count carton prices in the US. Processing inventory will likely be prioritized for the specialty production line allowing it to become fully operational in July.

Source: unitedpotatocanada.com


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