'Planting could be stopped if supermarkets don't raise prices'


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02 November 2021
'Planting could be stopped if supermarkets don't raise prices'

RISING tensions over who will foot the bill for soaring inflation are prompting growers to warn supermarkets that crops might not be grown less year, according to the AF Group, a nationwide agricultural buying group.

The group published its new report outlining the attitude and actions needed for successful and fruitful supply chain partnerships for British farmers.

Vegetable growers warned supermarkets that next year’s crops were at risk unless they drop their opposition to price increases.

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Input costs for farmers, such as fertiliser and energy bills, rose by 22% in the year to September 30th, the second-highest increase on record, the group stated. Those costs have yet to be passed onto shoppers, though, resulting in a painful squeeze for food suppliers.

In its report, the group states: "Different sectors have shifted their thinking and operations to meet the needs of a changing world and reduce the element of risk in their business. To survive – and thrive – it’s essential that British farmers begin to do the same: Consider their businessand how they can create certainty and growth."

Photo: Eduardo Soares

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