Phosphate findings


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12 July 2021
Phosphate findings

RESEARCHERS hope that a new kit will help preserve anion supply and reduce fertiliser use.

It is reported that global phosphate sources may only last 30-100 years at current usage rates, ending the supply of phosphate fertilisers - but a new rapid in-field soil test kit could help farmers to more precisely utilise this valuable nutrient. 

Designed as part of the Phosfield project, funded by ERDF’s Agri-Tech Cornwall programme, the test kit provides precise results within just 20 minutes - a massive improvement on the several-day turnaround by laboratories. "Most farmers test their soils for phosphate every three to five years," explained Dr Susan Tandy, soil scientist at Rothamsted Research. "They usually take several samples from across the field and amalgamate them to get an average reading."

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