"Perfect time to go organic"


11 March 2021
"Perfect time to go organic"

SOPA (The Scottish Organic Producers Association) says there has never been a better time than now to convert to organic growing and is offering to advise and assist growers throughout the conversion journey and afterwards.
Scottish Government funding is supporting both organic conversion and maintenance. 
The Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (AECS) promotes land management practices that protect and enhance Scotland’s natural heritage, improve water quality, manage flood risk and mitigate and adapt to climate change. Its latest round of funding applications, of which organic conversation and maintenance form a key strand, closes on June 30th 2021. 
SOPA’s key focus in the past year has been securing the future of funding for organic conversion and maintenance, so the AECS support is welcome. But this is the only window for applications until post-2021 funding streams are confirmed so SOPA urges anyone interested in organic funding to get in touch before it is too late. 
SOPA Manager, Debs Roberts, said: “In a time of huge uncertainty across the world, we have been really encouraged to see strong markets for organic produce, as well as strong funding support. Any organic farmers whose organic maintenance contract expires this year need to apply now. I cannot stress how important this is to many of our farmer businesses. 
“Here at SOPA, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to advise on organic conversation and standards, or indeed any other organic farming question, and I would really encourage anybody interested in conversion to get in touch with either myself or my colleague Joanna for an informal conversation.
“The deadline is at the end of June but get in touch as soon as you can so that we work with applicants to go through the process thoroughly. SOPA looks forward to helping you on your organic journey.”
Those seeking advice can call SOPA on 0300 772 9795.

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