Overall WAPS price drops slightly


18 February 2021
Overall WAPS price drops slightly

THE UK's overall WAPS price has dropped slightly this week. This is mostly driven by a 9% rise in the volume of free-buy material moving through the past week's sample compared to the previous week and free-buy prices under pressure across the industry, according to AHDB. 

The week ending February 13th also saw a slightly larger inclusion of processing material in the sample. The overall WAPS price is currently tracking £21.30/t lower than the same time last year.  

Overall tonnage continues to track below (3%) last season on a like-for-like basis although the free-buy/contract split is relatively similar.  

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This week's average free-buy price has seen a large drop to £129.64/t mainly driven by the make up of the sample. The past week saw an increased movement of lower value varieties and also processing material. The overall industry free-buy price is currently sitting almost £70/t below the same point last year. 

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