Overall price gained £2.93/t


15 April 2021
Overall price gained £2.93/t

THE overall Weekly Average Price Survey (WAPS) published for the UK by AHDB shows the overall price gained £2.93/t from last week, to £189.88/t. 

This quote is the highest overall WAPS price reported since July 2020. Price rises are reportedly down to increased inclusion of higher value varieties in the sample, according to the report. The percentage of contracted material included in the sample increased again this week, from last.

Overall tonnage traded fell by 15% this week from last week's movement, mostly on account of falling free-buy movement, although it was a shorter working week as a result of the bank holiday. Compared to last year, on a like-for-like basis, the volume traded was up 1%. This time last year we saw the start of the pandemic and significant drop-offs in trade volumes for foodservice.

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The free-buy price gained £10.10/t to £150.16/t. The rise in free-buy price is reportedly down to overall increased movement of higher value varieties for the week ending April 10th.

The WAPS values are weighted averages calculated from volume and value data from all market sectors. The average price includes both free-buy and contract purchases. The free-buy price includes free-buy data only. 

The AHDB Weekly Average Price Survey (WAPS) is a survey which produces indicators of the week on week direction of ex-farm prices, collected via a sample of purchasing companies, including grower groups. The GB Weekly Average Price is the average of free-buy and contract purchases bought direct from growers in the past week across all market sectors. The GB Weekly Average Free-buy Price is the average of only free-buy purchases bought direct from growers in the past week across all market sectors. 

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