Outrage at £600,000 deal to send seed potatoes to Russia


22 March 2022
Government spokesperson denies approval

THE Scottish government has been criticised by members of the trade and public, after approving a deal by PepsiCo to send thousands of seed potatoes to Russia.

While many companies have pulled out of doing business in the country, the £600,000 deal with Aberdeen-based Saltire Seed means 2,000 tons of seed potatoes will be delivered to Russian farmers by a convoy of 100 lorries, according to a report by Business Insider.

A government spokesperson has since told the publication it did not approve the deal with seed potato grower Saltire Seed, but the deal still appeared to be going ahead.

One trader stated that the deal was immoral given Russia's unprecedented invasion of Ukraine, which has affected the lives of many Ukrainians. "Don't they understand the offence they're causing?" he said. "I hope public opinion will force them to reconsider."

The deal comes at a time when several major corporations have cut trade ties with Russia. PepsiCo recently announced it had suspended select beverage sales, capital investments, and all advertising in Russia.

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A PepsiCo spokesperson stated that as a food and beverage company, it "must stay true to the humanitarian aspect" of the business. "We are continuing to support the livelihoods of the 40,000 Russian agricultural workers in our supply chain as they face significant challenges and uncertainty ahead," the spokesperson said.

Source: Business Insider


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