Options for old-season stocks


24 July 2020
Options for old-season stocks

OPTIONS for UK growers needing to move surplus old-season stocks include a trade portal that has now been repurposed by the AHDB.
The AHDB Potato Trade Portal, originally launched in May to put potato growers and wholesale buyers in touch with each other, is now had a change of use and is available for trading of old stock for non-human consumption, including requests from those that run Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants.
Many growers will be facing the double complication of having surplus old-season potatoes due to a loss of demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and the need to thoroughly clean stores to reduce CIPC residues before heading into the first season without the sprout suppressant.
In addition to the portal, other options for moving surplus old-season stocks include The Food Surplus Network, commercial and charitable options, as well as FareShare, a food bank charity that has been supported by other growers during the pandemic
For non-human consumption, the AHDB's trade portal now hosts requests from Anaerobic Digestion plant owners and others. Growers can advertise stock there and use an interactive map to find their nearest AD plant.
In the case of live stock feed growers are advised to contact UKFFPA to find a local operator.

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