New year - new updates!


04 January 2022
New year - new updates!

HAPPY new year to everyone in the potato industry!

2021 brought along many challenges for everyone in the potato supply chain, and our 'Looking back' feature here highlights some of the highs and lows of the last 12 months, while the BP2021 show at the end of the year made some new introductions which we can look to trial and build upon during the coming year.

Now the Potato Review team is back from its Christmas and New Year break, we're already receiving news about projects to increase yields, further work to stop sprouting inn storage, and updates on soil research. We look forward to sharing these updates with you on a daily basis.

Low input program presented by Lower Saxony company
Chasing the RB209 phosphate target index of 2: A fool’s dream?
Remote Sensing in the Potato Sector
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