New trials zone launched


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20 July 2021
New trials zone launched

BASF has launched a new Trials Zone where growers are able to see trial plots of potato blight controls (including BA657).

Potato growers can tour the 2020 Eurofins blight trials and get a preview of how the new fungicide, currently unnamed and known as BAS657, performs in partnership with a variety of other products on a crop of Melody that was inoculated with some of the most aggressive blight strains currently in the UK. 

With nine treated plots, the trial tests the new products' efficacy and enables growers to compare its performance against competitors.   

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The new Trials Zone brings together all the digital trials currently hosted on the Real Results Virtual Farm. Featuring new products, growers and agronomists will get 360⁰ views of trials, be able to zoom into individual plots, compare treatments and watch guided tours with BASF and independent experts. 

To explore the Real Results Virtual Farm, visit

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