New report finds UK agriculture skills gap can be closed


15 June 2021
New report finds UK agriculture skills gap can be closed

EXETER University’s Centre for Rural Policy Research, together with The Worshipful Company of Farmers, is to publish its latest research report on ‘the worker and skills shortage facing British agriculture’.

The report findings will be shared and discussed on June 17th, highlighting the drivers that are worsening the shortage and possible solutions. 

Drivers include things such as changes to immigration policy, Brexit, the image of the industry, the poor culture and promotion of agriculture, as well as issues around pay, location and working conditions. The findings also delve into whether there is a lack of relevant skills, and the attractiveness of other sectors for potential employees and what our industry has to do to compete.

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Crucially, the research shows that there are some untapped pools of talent which are under-represented in farming today, and the research team explore the merits of a number of solutions that could really make a difference and make sure that agriculture has the resources and the skills needed for its long-term survival.

To participate in the results discussion live, visit our events page here.

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