New prices expected in north US


08 September 2022
Past season impacts

GROWERS in north America, as well as shipping companies, believe there may be new pricing expectations for their crops this season, based on last year's performance.

Last year, there was a crop shortage because of harvest conditions but the biggest factor in pricing for this year's crop is growing costs. Planting time fell as fuel prices peaked, and fertilisation and seed costs increased. 

Regions including Idaho, Colorado and Wisconsin have been later starting this year. 

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East Coast-based Cambridge Farms Inc, which supplies nationally and internationally, says regionalisation could also be a factor in this season’s potato pricing.

Large size profile on Russets may be an issue in Idaho while North Dakota has an average crop and Wisconsin pricing indicates better sizing than Idaho. Nebraska and Kansas could potentially have issues around maturity. There are also predictions of early frost.

Source: Cambridge Farms

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