New course to help British growers


17 January 2024
BASIS Introduces IPM Course to align with new Environmental Land Management initiatives.

BASIS, an independent British charity committed to raising professional standards across land management and food production, has launched an integrated pest management (IPM) course for growers following the Upgrade of the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI).

The recent upgrades to the SFI for 2024 were disclosed at the recent Oxford Farming Conference and include an average of 10% increase in payments for farmers, the introduction of approximately 50 new actions, updates to 50 existing actions, and the implementation of 21 "premium payments" reserved for actions with the most significant environmental impact such as IPM1.

In tandem with the announcement, an online course entitled Creating an IPM Plan - A Practical Guide is being launched at the agricultural show, Lamma 2024, for agricultural professionals and those involved in sustainable farming practices. It is designed to align with the SFI Action IPM1 criteria, offering participants an opportunity to enhance their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) planning skills.

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The curriculum will explore IPM planning tools, address risk assessment and develope customised plans tailored to meet the evolving demands of sustainable farming practices. Participants will gain insights into integrated control measures for pests, weeds, and diseases and there will be step-by-step guidance on crafting personalised IPM plans, supported by templates, interactive activities, and real-world case studies for immediate on-farm application.

The course is self-led and is expected to take approximately an hour to complete, although the actual duration may vary based on user engagement. In addition to this practical guide, further support is in development with three additional practical guides focusing on Pest and Beneficials, Weeds, and Diseases, all hyperlinked to relevant pages.

For further information and to enroll on the course, click here

Photo: Nadiia Ganzhyi

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