New centre of excellence examines climate change impacts on growers


04 February 2021
New centre of excellence examines climate change impacts on growers

A NEWLY-launched UK organisation, the Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development, is looking into developing solutions to enable growers all over the world to build resilience to rainfall variability, drought and unpredictable weather events brought about by climate change.  

The institute, which has received £750,000 of funding from the John Innes Foundation, a charity dedicated to advancing plant science, horticulture and related subjects, is a partnership between the John Innes Centre and UEA’s School of International Development. 

Other researchers that will be working alongside the institutes team are from the Quadram Institute (a centre for food and health research), Earlham Institute (which is focused on exploring living systems by applying computational science and biotechnology) and The Sainsbury Laboratory (which carries out biological research and technology development on aspects of plant disease, resistance and microbial symbiosis). All are based in Norwich, in the UK.

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Vegetable yields, along with those of other major staples, are expected to decrease by between 3% and 10% per degree of global warming.  


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