Navigating tricky times ahead


06 December 2022
Show's speakers share and advise on current grower challenges.

CROPTEC'S 10th anniversary show in Peterborough, in the UK, recently, brought together growers, agronomists, advisors and technical experts over two days for seminars, discussion and networking across three exhibition halls. 

Reducing and making best use of inputs need to be central to plans going forward according to one of the speakers, George Cook, Senior Farm Business Consultant with Andersons. “One thing is clear, we need to retain more inputs on the farm and not lose them through leaching and erosion,” said George. 

With growers coming under increasing regulatory pressure, strategies to tackle the disease burden and help farmers better target their chemical inputs came under the spotlight in a BASF-sponsored seminar. 

Future use, quality and quantity of water were under scrutiny at Anglian Water’s hub. Richard Reynolds, Senior Agronomy Advisor said the hub had been a great way to engage with farmers and growers. “Our team have been having meaningful conversations around how water will impact farming businesses over the next five years.”

Use of technology in controlling fertiliser costs was discussed at the debate sponsored by Yara. Mark Tucker, Marketing and Agronomy Manager for Yara Europe said: “For us, crop nutrition is the number one issue on advisors’ minds, especially nitrogen as it is a big driver of yield and therefore profitability.”

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“Carbon credits are definitely a hot topic at the moment and farmers have lots of questions about how it could work for them and their farming situation so we encourage them to come and talk to us in detail,” said Thomas Gent of sustainable farming advice company Agreena, which sponsored the ‘Maximising natural capital’ seminar.  

Future use, quality and quantity of water were under scrutiny at Anglian Water’s hub and Trinity AgTech’s hub was host to discussions over natural capital opportunities. “Natural capital is a fast-evolving space,” said Anna Woodley. “We’ve been having some great conversations with people from all over the country.”

Pictured from left: George Cook, Mark Tucker, Richard Reynolds.

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