Most expensive food product in Tatarstan


06 June 2022
East Russian republic's rising food costs see potatoes taking the lead.

POTATOES have seen the biggest price rise of a number of food products that have risen in price in Tatarstan in East Russia.

Tatarstan State Statistics Service reported that potatoes prices rose by 8,46%, with apples rising by 3,02%, bananas rising by 1,91%, and butter and sunflower oil increasing by 1,29% and 1,02%, respectively. Frozen roundfish, sugar, milk, rye and rye-wheat bread also rose in price.

At the beginning of May, the price of the most expensive product, potatoes, was 54,36 rubles, while on May 20th it reached 60,83 rubles.

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In April of this year, annual inflation in Tatarstan was 18,59% after 18,08% in March. This is lower than in the Volga Federal District, where it was 18,79%, but higher than in Russia as a whole — 17,83%. The annual increase in food prices in Tatarstan accelerated to 21,45% after 18,91% in March.

Source : Real Noevreyma

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