More than 64 thousand tons of potatoes processed in the Moscow region


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16 September 2020
More than 64 thousand tons of potatoes processed in the Moscow region

The Moscow region was the leader in potato processing in the Russian Federation in the first half of this year, according to country’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Andrei Razin.

Andrei said: “According to the results of six months of this year, the Moscow region ranks first in the country in potato processing with a volume of more than 64 thousand tons.”

“Next comes the Lipetsk region with a processing volume of 27,7 thousand tons of potatoes.”

The processing market structure includes cooked and canned potatoes, cut and frozen, fried or dried. Potatoes are processed into starch, flakes, granules, and also slices and chips.

Andrei added: “In total, 14 main enterprises of various organizational and legal forms carry out their activities in the processing of potatoes on the territory of the Moscow Region.”

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“The total capacity allows processing 170 thousand tons of products per year and producing potato chips and mashed potatoes, as well as various semi-finished products from potatoes.”

The minister added that there is a tendency to increase the volume of potato processing in the Moscow region.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation