More grower support in South-West


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25 November 2020
More grower support in South-West

GRIMME UK now has a new partner supporting growers in the South West of the UK. 

Somerset, Devon and Cornwall will now be covered by Hamblys whose portfolio of franchises currently includes manufacturers such as Claas, Lemken and Horsch. Hamblys has five depots covering the South West, which includes key potato growing locations. This appointment means GRIMME UK can consolidate from three separate dealerships to just one covering the south west.

GRIMME UK’s Managing Director Patrick Graf Grote said “We would like to reassure customers that GRIMME will work hard to make this transition as smooth as possible. Parts and service will continue to be readily available in the coming weeks, as would usually be expected by our customer base.”    

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HAMBLYS Managing Director Steve Barrett said becoming a GRIMME 'Premium Partner' for the South West, meant it could expand its range and better serve the region's growers. 

"Our Sales, Service and Parts teams will be getting up to speed rapidly," he said.