Millions of crops buried in NW US


09 July 2020
Millions of crops buried in NW US

GROWERS in North West America have been forced to throw away millions of potatoes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

A report by Business Insider, published by AG Daily,profiles some of the growers who have had nowhere to sell their crops.

Zak Miller, CEO of Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, reiterated that farmers were doing everything in their power to not have to throw out their produce.

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In the Business Insider video, potato farmers Bill and Peggy of Buyan Ranch, Sheridan, Montana. These potato farmers have a diverse operation, but like so many other farmers during this pandemic, explain why they have had to throw out 700 tons of potatoes because of the pandemic. Even after donating their produce, Buyan Ranch still could not avoid burying their hard work and countless hours of labour.

Potato production in the Northwest was strong in 2019, and the outlook for 2020 had been good according to the Washington State Potato Commission.

Executive Director Chris Voigt said: “We had a good harvest of the 2019 crop, great quality, strong yields, and strong pricing for our growers and shippers.”

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