Matt joins next-level sustainability project


07 October 2022
Grower to use carbon measuring tools in one-year LEAF project.

PERTHSHIRE potato grower Matt Lyle is one of eight LEAF farmers taking part in a one-year project whereby he will tailor his Integrated Farm Management practices to achieve the next level in sustainable farming.

Led by global sustainable farming organisation, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) and supported by The Linder Foundation, the one-year project will see the farmers use carbon measuring tools to help track emissions and sequestration, identify where efficiencies can be made and set targets for benchmarking and monitoring.

Matt of Easter Caputh Farming Co is one of four English farmers and four Scottish farmers taking part in the project which follows on from last year’s Nature Based Solutions project. 

Key baseline assessments will help the farmers get a better understanding of their own impact on climate change to set objectives and develop their own action plans to drive continual progress. Each will receive bespoke packages of advice on their own areas of interest including reducing GHG emissions, soil and water management, habitat creation, grassland management and cover cropping.

Vicky Robinson, Director, Technical at LEAF said: “This is a vital time for sustainable farming. Faced with the climate and nature crisis, farmers are on the front-line of climate change solutions – reducing carbon emissions, building healthier and more productive soils, and enhancing biodiversity. As a group of LEAF farmers, most of whom are LEAF Marque certified farms, they are already making incremental improvements to net-zero, regenerative farming. This project will provide the management tools, resources, and in-depth advice to build on their skills, know-how and confidence.   
With the UK government committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2025 and global targets set by the UN at carbon zero by 2050, the outcomes of this vital work with help support the wider farming industry towards achieving its ambitions.” 

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The project builds on previous work which culminated in the publication of a farmer case study booklet Delivering Nature Based Farming Solutions to the Climate Challenge. 

Project lead, Will Sibly from LEAF added: “Working at a grass-roots farmer level is a good place to create change. This group of innovative and forward-thinking farmers are already ahead of the game in terms of delivering smarter, more climate positive farming solutions.  This project is all about harnessing their expertise, vision, and determination to drive the thinking, communication and practical actions needed to mitigate climate change. 

"Through technical workshops, group learning and collaboration they will be uniquely placed to facilitate knowledge exchange, practical problem-solving, peer-to-peer learning, and wider changes to farming practice. We are delighted to support these farmers and have them work alongside us in delivering exemplar sustainable farming.” 

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