Manufacturer takes a 'virtual' approach


01 November 2022
VR move aims to increase next generation's knowledge on sustainable potato growing.

McCAIN Foods is using the world of virtual reality, and its newest product, Regen Fries, in its latest move to educate and engage  younger audiences about the benefits of regenerative potato farming.

Collaborations with metaverse platform Roblox, and NFT-themed restaurant, Bored & Hungry, form the latest move in its #SaveOurSoil campaign.

The use of regenerative farming in the production of Regen Fries potatoes forms part of McCain’s global commitment to implement regenerative agricultural practices throughout its potato acreage by the end of 2030.

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McCain’s Global Head of Innovation and Marketing, Christine Kalvenes, said: “We believe regenerative agriculture is vital in trying to make the global food system more sustainable. If we don’t change the way we farm, the implications are bleak – and we cannot allow that to happen. Working together with farmers and consumers, we want to enable and speed the transition to regenerative farming practices.”

McCain’s Farms of the Future free-to-play game is now available globally on Roblox’s Livetopia, allowing consumers to virtually grow potatoes using regenerative farming techniques whilst gaining rewards for applying regenerative practices. In addition, the Bored & Hungry restaurant is serving Regen Fries at pop-up locations in London and Toronto as well as its flagship store in Long Beach California, this month.

“Regen Fries, the Farms of the Future game, and the Bored & Hungry collaboration are an experiential, fun, and effective way to begin this discussion,” said Christine. “As we march toward 2030, #SaveOurSoil is an important effort to help build a community and raise awareness for why we’re so committed to a future of sustainable farming globally.”

Using the metaverse and NFTs as part of a marketing strategy is becoming increasingly popular. Recently PepsiCo’s potato chip brand Lay’s also  launched a non-fungible token (NFT) project in partnership with digital asset platform Project Ark in Romania.  

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