Live congress examines support for UK agriculture


28 October 2021
Live congress examines support for UK agriculture

THIS year’s BCPC Congress will take place on November 2nd and 3rd, 2021, organised by BCPC (British Crop Production Council), in association with TSG Forum.

The event will take place at the Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate, North Yorkshire and will feature a mix of technical and informative sessions with speakers presenting on the theme 'Providing policy and regulatory support for multi-functional UK agriculture'.

It will look at three key deliverables being faced by those in UK agriculture: To provide adequate supplies of healthy food to contribute to UK food security; To facilitate environmental initiatives with a focus on biodiversity, conservation, rewilding and landscapes; To contribute to UK net carbon zero targets.

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The event will examine what the wider agricultural industry is contributing to meet these goals and what more can be done, the role of Government in providing guidance, funding and regulatory support.

This year’s Congress will aim to tackle this challenge and provide some solutions and insight into a way forward for UK agriculture. There will also be an array of key influential speakers from across the industry and the focused CRD workshop will enable delegates to engage with the HSE (CRD) to offer opinion and comment.

For full details of this and other events, and to register, click here.

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