Late applications accepted: 'Don't be deterred' say organisers


22 September 2021
Late applications accepted: 'Don't be deterred' say organisers

LATE entries are being invited for the National Potato Industry Awards in response to calls from the UK industry.

Organiser, Warners Group Publications, has received a number of 'late requests' from growers, advisors and manufacturers for the Awards, whose winners will be announced on the first night of BP2021 in November.

"We have received more than 30 entries across six categories already. We're being told that pressures of work have made it difficult for many to get entry forms filled out in time, while others have been unsure how much and what detail is required," said Warners Group Publisher Juliet Loiselle, who is in charge of collating entries.

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"We've listened to what people have to say and are quite prepared to carry on accepting further entries over the next couple of weeks. We are also happy for people to email myself or the Potato Review Editor, Stephanie Cornwall, if they feel more comfortable putting forward a proposal for a winner, or need help filling out a form manually or online. We want people to feel they can approach us - even if it's just with an idea or some guidance as to which award they can enter." 

Juliet said it's also worth noting that products, projects, machinery and individuals can be entered into more than one category if applicable. "For example, we're being told about new or updated machines that have helped cut down manpower hours or improved production, and have been entered into the machinery category. In some instances, people are proud of their environmental credentials or they have introduced a new innovation, so in theory the same machine could be entered into those two categories as well," she said.

"Anyone that's unsure should get in touch - we're always here to help."

To enter any of the award categories, visit our awards page here. For more advice, or to put forward an idea, contact Juliet or Stephanie by email. Their contact details can be found here.

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