Last chance to apply for grant


24 August 2022
UK growers reminded they have a week left to submit family claim.

THE deadline is fast approaching for UK growers' families to apply for a ‘return to school’ grant to help cover the cost of school uniforms, PE kit and other equipment. 

RABI launched the grant to help with the challenges growers' families will face in the run-up to the new school year, and there is only one week left to apply.

Director of Services at RABI Caron Whaley said: “Worryingly, almost 70% of parents across the UK are concerned about the expense of covering the cost of return-to-school clothes and equipment. 

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“The farming community has been heavily impacted by rapidly-rising costs. The added pressure of buying clothes and equipment, for the new academic year, can add significant stress. These financial worries can have a detrimental impact on mental wellbeing of the entire family. We want to support farming people through this difficult time.

“Nobody should face tough choices about where to cut back on other essentials and we are here to support you with a £500 grant per child. 
“Callers to the helpline will be put in contact with their local support manager who will guide them through a short and simple application process.” she says.

Grant applications can be made by calling RABI’s 24/7 helpline on 0800 188 4444 before the end of August. 

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