Lahaul seed potatoes fetch good prices in other states


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26 October 2020
Lahaul seed potatoes fetch good prices in other states

POTATOES from the Lahaul Valley in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh are in huge demand in other Indian states because of their disease-free seeds, according to The Tribune India

The main seed potato varieties are Kufri Chandramukhi, Kufri Jyoti, Table Santana and Shafordi, which are also used for making chips.

This year, the Lahaul Potato Growers Society has received 16,500 bags (each bag of 50 kg) of seed potatoes for marketing from the farmers of the valley. It collects seed potatoes from the farmers of the valley and makes arrangements for their sale in other states at good prices.

But in the past few years, because of poor management, the society has lost its trust among farmers of the region as allegations of corruption have been levelled against its management. As a result, the farmers of the valley have not been sending their produce to it.

Lahaul Potato Growers Society chairperson Sudarshan Jaspa started a campaign in the last two years to win the confidence of the potato growers and convince them to send their produce to them for marketing.

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Jaspa said: “This year, the seed potatoes of the Lahaul valley are fetching good prices. The highest price realised was Rs 2,700 per 50 kg bag of Kufri Chandramukhi, while the marketing of Kufri Jyoti variety is yet to start. Last year, the highest price Kufri Chandramukhi fetched was Rs 1,625 per 50 kg bag, while for Kufri Jyoti it was Rs 1,900”.

The harvesting season of seed potatoes has begun.

Source and photo: The Tribune