'Labour reduction prominent in growers' minds'


10 September 2021
'Labour reduction prominent in growers' minds'

GROWERS' minds are now more focused on labour reduction than ever before, according to Derek Scott, Managing Director of Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd, based in Boston, Lincs, in the UK.

A combination of Brexit and what he describes as "a core drive towards efficiency around harvest" have led to a stepped increase in demand for retro-fitted units, Derek said.

"Whilst we’ve always enjoyed strong sales of our separator in new graders and processing lines, this year particularly has seen a stepped increase in retro-fitted units," he said. "There are still a large number of older grading lines out there running a variety of Star roller cleaners and coil units, generally these are often past their wear life and offer poor cleaning in comparison to the latest generation of the Evolution separator. 

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"We are already into double figures of these upgrades ranging from 3ft wide machines approaching 30 years old to very modern high capacity 8ft mobile graders," he said.

More and more dealers are now carrying out machine work in the field and supporting the product throughout the harvesting season, he added. 

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