Key actions and decisions for growers ahead of planting


06 December 2021
Key actions and decisions for growers ahead of planting

YIELD alone is no longer the driver of economic success and growers need to seek a balance between quality yield and inputs per tonne, according to Andrew Goodinson, agronomist and potato specialist at Hutchinsons.

Soil characteristics such as texture, stone content and field distance from the store all underpin soil health and efficiency when choosing which fields to cultivate and Andrew is urging growers to ensure they get the basics right, paying attention to detail on soil cultivation management and water use. 

In the first of a series of articles Andrew, who looks after nearly 8000 ha of farmland, ranging from Cirencester, to the Welsh borders, south Shropshire and Worcester, examines the investment, some of the tech that can help get the basics right, and when it's better to say 'no'. 

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