It's all down to good taste ...


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10 June 2020
It's all down to good taste ...

Introducing new table potatoes to the market is a challenging process. Growers, retailers and consumers all focus on different aspects when determining what makes an ideal potato.

Seed producer Agrico already has good insight into farmers’ and retailers’ requirements.  recently worked with Abertay University and Queen Margaret University to organise two sets of sensory evaluation testing panels. Each testing panel had more than 100 participants and assessed several potato varieties for appearance, flavour, texture and overall acceptability. Additional information was collected through a survey of all participants in the testing panels.

According to Agrico spokesperson, fresh potato consumption is lower among younger age groups and he is optimistic that this type of research can help identify varieties that can increase consumption and provide a stable market for UK farmers.

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For a full report on the taste trials and their findings, see our July issue of Potato Review. If you don't already receive a copy, subscribe here: