Irrigation Prospects Meeting


16 March 2022
Discussion and experts' insights

THE UK Irrigation Association (UKIA) is offering an opportunity to discuss the latest Irrigation Prospects with key EA staff in the East of England and the Midlands of the UK tomorrow, stating that the next three months will be critical in determining the position of water resources this spring and summer. 

The Met Office recently confirmed that England had its ninth driest January in a series going back to 1862, with just 38% (31.7mm) of its average rainfall.

Nevertheless, the Environment Agency's initial prospects report, published in February, showed that most of the country is either classified as 'moderate' or 'good', with some areas 'moderate/good' (the South West, Yorkshire and the East Midlands), despite the dry conditions from November 2021 through to the beginning of February 2022. Rainfall during February played a key part in this. 

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The meeting will allow candidates to discuss prospects and ask questions of key EA staff especially in the East of England and Midlands catchments. It is FREE for UKIA members and there is a £25 fee for non-members. For more detils visit our events page here.

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