INIA gives growers promising yield expectations


14 February 2023
New potato variety with high genetic quality for Peruvian producers.

A NEW potato variety with the potential to increase productivity has been made available to growers throughout Peru.

The country's National Institute of Agricultural Innovation (INIA), a part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MIDAGRI) whose activities include looking at the country's potato production as a whole, research and technical assistance, has reported that the Inia 333 Chugayna potato variety is of high genetic quality and will yield 47 tons per hectare. 

"In addition, its vegetative reproduction system (clonal propagation) guarantees its stability practically by 100%. This will benefit the producer's economy,” a spokesman said. “Another characteristic is its ability to mature. Unlike other varieties, the Inia 333 Chugayna can reach its harvest level between 110 and 130 days, as well as generating 21% dry matter. Its genetic mak-eup makes it tolerant to major pests and diseases.”

"The Inia 333 Chugayna has a wide range of adaptation. That is to say, it can be sown from sea level up to 4,000 meters above sea level, in rain-fed and irrigated conditions, especially in the inter-Andean valleys, where producers sow potatoes all year round."

“This potato variety has an elongated oval shape, shallow eyes, and a cream interior color with good texture, making it ideal for fresh eating culinary activities. It measures 5.96 cm, has a 0.07 standard deviation, and a 1.19% variability coefficient in the first campaign.

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"Thanks to these characteristics, Inia 333 Chugayna is a good alternative for producers in the Cajamarca region and other areas of the country to improve their yields, the quality of their harvest, and to strengthen their family and organisational economy."

The variety is the result of research carried out by INIA's Baños del Inca Agricultural Experimental Station. Researchers carried out analyses based on characteristics established by the International Union for the Protection of New Plant Varieties (UPOV), methods of planting in furrows, evaluation of measures, dispersion, and variability, among others.

The research involved the participation of the Northern Consortium INIA - CIP – AP, technicians from the Pataz Association, the National Roots and Tuberous Program, and researchers from the International Potato Center (CIP).

Source: Fresh Plaza

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