Higher value material helps boost price increase


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27 January 2021
Higher value material helps boost price increase

THE UK's overall weekly average price (WAPS) has increased slightly this week, driven generally by a change in the sample, with a rise in higher value material this week, particularly for free-buy tonnages. 

Despite this rise, when compared to last year, the overall price difference has widened to £16.28/t, suggesting a slower pick-up in prices post-Christmas according to the AHDB.

Overall tonnage has fallen 6% from last week, although there has been an increase in free-buy volumes moving through the market this week.

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This week’s free-buy price has risen £5.79/t following an increase in higher value varieties in the sample this week. This is likely down to an increase in the volume of packing material. The spread between the overall price and the free-buy price has narrowed slightly from last week, although is large at £32.74/t.

The WAPS values are weighted averages calculated from volume and value data from all market sectors. The average price includes both free-buy and contract purchases. The free-buy price includes free-buy data only. For a more detailed explanation please see below. 

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