Have your say on labour and skills shortage in sector


06 May 2022
One week left to complete survey

POTATO growing and supplying businesses have one week left to complete a survey which aims to shed light on the labour and skills shortages responsible for the current staffing crisis.

Tess Howe, Membership and Business Development Manager at The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture (TIAH), said results from the study, which is being undertaken in conjunction with The University of Exeter, will provide a valuable source of data on labour market information in England.

“The survey is looking to gather some baseline figures on current skill levels, critical skills gaps and priority training needs and the reasons behind them. This information will help us strategically develop our services to ensure we’re supporting employers and employees as best we can,” Tess said.

“For example, if the survey identifies a problem in a particular sector or region, we’ll look at steps that can be taken as an industry to help overcome this. Ultimately, we want farmers and growers to have access to a skilled and adaptable labour force so that they can continue to move their businesses forward in an efficient and sustainable manner.”

The shared results will also help the wider industry, and provide evidence to government departments to impact future education and workforce policy.

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Tess said the labour market has changed rapidly over the last two years owing to Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s therefore more important than ever to get an accurate and representative picture of the current situation. For this reason, I’d encourage as many people as possible to complete the survey ahead of the May 13th deadline.”

Click the link below to complete the survey:


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