Harvest early thanks to good weather in Idaho


18 December 2020
Harvest early thanks to good weather in Idaho

IDAHO potatoes saw an average 6% increase in sales nationwide during Thanksgiving week

Ross Johnson of the Idaho Potato Commission said Idaho saw great weather throughout their potato harvest this year, which started in August and went through October which meant harvesting finished sooner than usual.

As the region’s planting season coincided with the start of the pandemic, fewer acres were planted in anticipation for any possible longer-term market disruptions. About 13,000 fewer acres were planted this year.

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While at the start of the pandemic foodservice demand dropped off precipitously, the retail orders were outpacing supplies.

The increase in potato sales bodes well for other products too. A recent study showed that when consumers buy potatoes, they spend an average of $85 on their entire shopping trip, while they only spend an average of $43 when there are no potatoes in their baskets.

The commission has also created a variety of marketing materials to help encourage retailers with their potato merchandising.

Source and photo: Fresh Plaza