Half island's production lost


16 March 2023
Early crops devastated by storm in Mallorca.

MORE than half of Mallorca's early potato production was lost because of storm Juliette, according to a report in Fresh Plaza.

The regional government has approved a decree with urgent measures to help the sector bear the losses.

One grower, Llorenç Pasqual, who works on one of Mateu Export company's farms in Sa Pobla said: "We hoped to harvest more than 400 tons of early potatoes, but I'll be surprised if we get to harvest 150 tons.

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"The snow, wind, and rain burned the leaves of many plants and killed many others. Few plants survived, but they stopped growing because their leaves were damaged. The potato will be smaller, it will weigh less, and as a consequence, we'll have fewer kilos." 

The harvest at Mateu Export's farm should have started two weeks ago, but the storm prevented it.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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