Growers can help formulate crop risk register


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22 January 2021
Growers can help formulate crop risk register

UK POTATO growers are being urged to play their part in the prevention of risks to crops by taking part in a survey and task group meetings.

Following an independent Task Force on Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity, established at the request of Defra’s Secretary of State in 2012, one of the key recommendations was the development of a prioritised register of risks to UK crops, ecosystems trees and gardens from plant pests and pathogens. 

In summer 2013 a core team from Fera and Defra began working on the creation of the UK Plant Health Risk Register (UKPHRR) which was launched at a stakeholder summit in January 2014.  
The UKPHRR is a prioritised risk register that is publicly accessible via the Plant Health Portal. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that its current use remains limited.

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Defra has commissioned Fera Science Limited and Forest Research to gather feedback on past user experiences through interviews, focus groups and a survey to help identify future development priorities for functionality and accessibility. 

To take part in the survey, visit
If you are intereste in the task group sessions, which next take place on January 26th and 28th, email [email protected].



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