Growers can have their say on climate change strategy


28 October 2020
Growers can have their say on climate change strategy

As LEAF looks to celebrate 30 years of developing and delivering more sustainable farming, its conference next month will aim to address the question of taking action now.  Chaired by BBC broadcaster and journalist, Tom Heap, growers will have the chance to talk with climate change experts, researchers and food industry representatives, learn from each other and agree coordinated action to tackle climate change.  

Guest speakers will highlight the challenges, propose solutions, share examples of best practice and come up with effective and collective ways to deliver change.

Speakers include: Jonathan Wadsworth, Lead Climate Change Specialist at The World Bank Group, Washington;  Chris Buss, Director, Forest Conservation Programme, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). COP26 Champions Team, co-lead Nature Based Solutions; Minette Batters, President, National Farmers Union; Duncan Farrington, Farrington Oils, LEAF Demonstration Farmer and LEAF Marque certified producer; Philip Wynn, Chairman, LEAF; Caroline Drummond, Chief Executive, LEAF.

The virtual conference, which also includes the launch of LEAF's next 10 year strategy 2021-2031, is free to attend. Click here to book a place.

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