Grower site visits to see machines in action


16 November 2021
Grower site visits to see machines in action

UK-based potato growers who would like to see the TOMRA 3A in action but cannot attend BP2021 are being invited to see one in operation at a grower’s facility. 

TOMRA Food is offering to make arrangements for site visits to E.W. Button & Son in Cornwall or growers in Shropshire and Scotland.

The TOMRA 3A is typically located near the entrance to a potato storage shed, where it cleans up freshly harvested crop after it passes through a mechanical grader and soil removal equipment. This machine is designed to operate at high capacity, working at a rate of up to 100 tons per hour, and is compact enough to be moved easily from shed to shed. 
The manufacturer claims the TOMRA 3A removes 95% of rocks, floating stones, dirt clods, and corn cob, plus 85% of other typical foreign materials. Its customers are typically packers and processors.
The TOMRA 3A can be connected to the cloud-based data platform TOMRA Insight.

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