Good start to Spanish season - but rains could slow things down


19 April 2021
Good start to Spanish season - but rains could slow things down

THE early potato season in Spain got off to a good start but could slow until the end of the month as a result of rainfall in the key growing areas, a prominent Spanish potato producer has stated.

Juan Manuel Coello, Sales Director of Patatas Meléndez in Valladolid, which marketed 200,000 tons last year, said limited quantities of Spanish potatoes from Andalusia and Murcia had been supplied to customers since January and there are currently good supply volumes. 

He said the campaign had been brought forward about 10 days this year, although the rains in Murcia were slowing down the harvest. "This will prevent us from reaching the markets with strong volumes in the coming week. Moreover, we won't be able to offer the desired continuity in the supply," he says. "From the last week of April, we hope to be able to offer a more consistent supply," he said.

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Juan said the acreage devoted to potatoes for fresh consumption in Spain is similar to last year's, with some processing varieties reducled. Yields are good and retail demand is also good.

Photo: Patatas Meléndez

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