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27 March 2023
Consortium's signing opens opportunities within fast food supply.

GROWERS in Nyandarua county in Kenya will benefit from the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) by a consortium supporting the local potato supply chain.

Seed supplier AgricoPSA has welcomed the recent signing of the document, saying it is an important milestone in establishing a nationwide sustainable potato value chain.

It will also help more Nyandaruan potato growers to benefit from a market opportunity created by KFC’s decision to procure its chips in Kenya. 

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Last year, KFC announced that it would look to Kenyan farmers to supply its fast-food chain with potatoes for chips, providing they met with its food safety processing standards and used the prescribed potato variety Markies.

This led to the consortium being formed. It is made up of the Co-operative Bank of Kenya, AgricoPSA, Yara, Bayer East Africa and Simplifine.

"By entering the consortium, potato farmers acquire access to affordable and high quality inputs, to finance and to sustainable markets," an announcement on the AgricoPSA's website states. 

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