Gold Potatoes continue ascent


29 October 2021
Gold Potatoes continue ascent

NEW data shows volume sales of fresh Gold potatoes in the US outpacing sales of Reds, Russets and Whites, which is encouraging news for growers harvesting the yellow-flesh varieties.

Volume sales (in terms of pounds) of fresh Gold potatoes increased 3.3% during the 52-week period ending October 23rd, 2021, according to the research firm ISI. During the same time period, volume sales of Reds dropped 2.7%, Russets fell 9.3% and Whites plummeted 15.5%.

Andreas Trettin, Director of Marketing for MountainKing, one of North America’s largest producers of gold potatoes, said Golds require fewer ingredients and toppings, a big selling point with younger, more health-conscious shoppers.

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Source: Perishable News  Photo: MountainKing

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