Global trade volumes of frozen potato products in US stabilising


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22 October 2021
Global trade volumes of frozen potato products in US stabilising

ANALYSTS at market and consumer data analytics company, A-INSIGHTS, report that global frozen potato trade volumes for the US stabilised in July, with the year-to-date volume remaining 0.5% above the pre-COVID levels of 2019.

Compared to July 2019, the monthly trade volume was down 0.3%, driven mainly by a 7.6% decline in exports from Belgium and a 6.2% decline in exports from the Netherlands.

Both countries continue to witness pressure on export prices, but with a below-average harvest and increased raw potato prices, the negative price effect is expected to phase out in the coming months.

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North American producers managed to up the monthly export volumes, but not as significant as the more than doubled exports from India. The sharp increase in exports from India is primarily related to the Philippines (+1.5 thousand tons).

Source: Fresh Plaza  Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

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