Ghana government pledges support to largest potato exporter


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11 October 2021
Ghana government pledges support to largest potato exporter

GHANA's Minister for Food and Agriculture Owusu Afriyie Akoto has pledged his government’s support for Maphlix Trust Farms Limited, the country's largest exporter of potatoes. 

Managing Director of the Company, Felix Kamassah, had appealed to the government to help develop its operational structures, which he said would bear on the nation’s crop production and export sector.

The project, which began in 2013, runs on power plants and uses water from boreholes, and seeks to be connected to the various utility networks including the Trans ECOWAS Highway, which cuts through the area.

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A report by News Ghana revealed that more than 700 acres will be dedicated to orange-fleshed potato cultivation. A 250-ton capacity pack house and a potato-processing factory will soon be under construction.

Source: News Ghana

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