Frustration over 'pings' and lack of clarity


30 July 2021
Frustration over 'pings' and lack of clarity

FRUSTRATION is growing amongst UK growers because of lack of clarity regarding which key staff can be exempted from the need to isolate when notified by the NHS Track and trace app.

Growing, like other critical sectors, is struggling to stay on track because of the impact of COVID-19 self-isolation rules, determined in large part by the NHS Test and Trace app.

The government has left farming out of the block-exemption for food producers and distributors and farming is one of many industries still struggling to understand what the proposed test-and-release regime means for them.

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NFU Vice-President Tom Bradshaw said those trying to maintain continuity of supply have to look at all parts of that supply chain and when crops are ready to harvest, this can't be delayed. "Unfortunately we have got businesses now that are under real pressure because people are having to self-isolate,” he said.

Tom pointed out that the industry is already under strain from staff taking holidays they couldn’t take during lockdown.

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