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10 August 2022
CIP’s Annual Report details international achievements

WORK by the International Potato Centre (CIP) to reduce hunger and malnutrition, boost farmer resilience, and catalyse income improvements generated benefits for men and women in more than 30 countries last year. 

The organisation's newly-published annual report details the achievements and gives a sense of how CIP harnessed scientific work to improve lives and livelihoods globally. 

Its success stories include partnerships to ensure more growers benefit from the agrobiodiversity safeguarded in the CIP genebank; CIP-developed software that facilitates the prediction and better management of crop pests under climate change; and collaborations that are increasing access to robust, resilient and nutritious potato and sweetpotato varieties. The report illustrates how CIP shares innovations and knowledge that improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable women and men in 2021 and will likely impact millions more in the coming years.
Interim Director General Oscar Ortiz said he was proud of CIP’s contributions to progress toward zero hunger, no poverty and food system transformation and grateful to all partners and stakeholders. The report can be downloaded here

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