French potatoes complicate end of Spanish season


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06 October 2020
French potatoes complicate end of Spanish season

THE entry of French potatoes into Spain is complicating the final stretch of the national potato harvest as the prices of the washed and unwashed potatoes from Castilla y León and Salamanca are falling, owing to the increase in offer. 

Fresh Plaza reports that the Agria variety potatoes were sold for 12 cents per kilo in Salamanca, a price that barely covers their production cost, though this variety had worked well in previous seasons due to its great versatility.

The Association of Potato Producers from Castilla y León recently stated that it would report the arrival of potatoes from France to the Potato Interprofessional, as this product normally entered the Spanish market in November. It wants the new body to inform the authorities of the damage that the entry of French potatoes is causing and has asked packers to respect the Spanish potato producers, which have been hit by the effects of the pandemic. 

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"There shouldn't be imports of French potatoes, at least until the potato from Castilla y León has ended," the association stated.

According to its latest report, the sack potato – of the Lucinda, Soprano, Monalisa varieties – is being paid at 7 to 12 cents per kilo; the Silvana and Fabula varieties are being paid at 7 and 8 cents per kilo; the non-washed Agria (the majority in Salamanca) between 13 and 16, and the washed Agria, at 18-20.