Former AHDB head offers insights and help on spearmint oil use


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12 January 2022
Former AHDB head offers insights and help on spearmint oil use

FORMER AHDB storage expert Adrian Cunnington, who now runs Potato Storage Insight, is to work with Juno (Plant Protection) Ltd, offering support in the use and effects of spearmint oil in store.

Adrian was widely-respected in his role as head of the Sutton Bridge potato storage research facility. He has agreed to work with Juno to support growers, store-keepers, agronomists and foggers in delivering optimum efficacy from the use of Biox-M.

Adrian had been with Sutton Bridge for 37 years, and has led many major research projects in potato storage and store management. One of Adrian’s particular areas of expertise is in the field of air movement in potato stores. This is a perfect fit for the application of a volatile product, new to many growers, and for which even distribution of fog in store is a key component of best practice.

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Adrian will be available to advise on improving fog and vapour distribution in store, and on other aspects of store management.

Biox-M is 100% spearmint oil, approved for use as a potato sprout suppressant. It has been approved for use in the UK since November 2012 and is in widespread use in the UK, on the continent and in other markets
around the world. It is applied to stores as a hot fog, and turns to vapour in store. As a volatile vapour, retention is store following treatment is essential.

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