February packing volumes lower than usual


26 February 2021
February packing volumes lower than usual

FEBRUARY volumes for UK packing potatoes is lower than usual, with retail markets accounting for most of the best quality material, according to the AHDB.

Movements of Grade 1 potatoes have found a stable price level of between £90-£100/t with best quality achieving higher premiums.

Some Salad trade is reportedly occurring, though mainly on contract and Maris Piper packing samples are more sought after at the moment, especially if quality is towards the higher end. As a result, prices have established a large premium above average White packing markets.

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The bagging trade has remained flat for many over the past week, with little movement in prices. The majority of trade is still on repeat orders, but there is an air of optimism with the Government's roadmap announcement. Increased movement of people around the country will hopefully bring a much needed boost to the trade once lockdown measures begin to ease.

Processing free-buy trade has continued mostly in the form of repeat orders. The Maris Piper premium over Whites varieties remains due to specific processing job demand. 

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