Facing challenges head-on


02 June 2023
Conference will examine diversity across crop rotations, genetics, systems and people.

THE 2024 Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) will diversity in all its guises - people, crop rotations, species genetics, food and farming systems, nations, politics and business structures. 

Conference Chair Will Evans said: “The industry is facing significant challenges at the current time, which OFC will continue to face head-on, furthering conversations about labour, supply chains, alternative income streams, innovation, attracting new people to our industry, and many more issues. OFC does this really, really well. Sparked by honest conversations with passionate people across all sectors of the industry, those who attend Oxford in 2024 will hear the very best of diversity in all its forms.”
Will attended the conference for the first time nearly six years ago as part of the Emerging Leaders Programme (now called Inspire). “I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. I was surprised and delighted at how welcoming the conference was and amazed to find such a wide variety of people from so many different backgrounds in attendance," he said. 

The other OFC Directors are Abi Kay, Ali Capper, Julia Latto, Jud McCann, Navaratnam Partheeban (Theeb), Christopher Price, Geoff Sansome and Ben Taylor Davies.  

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OFC 2024 takes place from January 3rd to 5th. For more details visit our events page here.

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