Exporters struggle to adapt to Brexit changes


11 February 2021
Exporters struggle to adapt to Brexit changes

THE British Chamber of Commerce has revealeld in a new report that around half of exporters are finding it difficult to adapt to Brexit changes, with mounting red tape and border disruption arising.

A month after the new rules were introduce, the BCC has said that 49% of UK-based exporters in a survey of 470 firms had suffered problems with post-Brexit arrangements since the start of the year, as companies struggled to adapt and faced higher costs as a result of extra border checks and paperwork.

In addition to the extra costs and delays in shipments to and from the continent, many were often confused about whether particular rules applied to them or not, the BCC report adds.

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The BCC said the situation could get worse if the UK goes ahead with implementing sanitary and phytosanitary checks on food from April and full customs controls on imports from July, at a time when businesses remain under pressure as a result of Covid-19.

Shipping solution provider One World Express has said the findings come as no surprise.

Its CEO, Atul Bhakta, said “Given the last minute nature of the trade deal between the UK and the EU, many companies were caught off-guard by the heavy administrative burdens, due to additional paperwork and many more delays relating to custom checks. Consequently, 44% of UK businesses are planning to cease trading with EU businesses, according to One World Express' own research."
He advised exporters not to panic and to instead review Brexit trade rules and, if necessary, seek advice from logistical consultants.


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